Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Farm

Check out the photos...

In the farm link over on the right side!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

My New Home

Well, it's been a long time, but here we go again. I don't get to town very often to use a computer but I will try to keep semi current with picts of my new home. There is a link off to the right that says "building" with the photos.
Hope you are all well.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

South, North, Who Am I to Know the Difference!!!!

Well, to those of you that know me well probably won't be too suprised to find out that I am now heading North instead of South. The bike is all but on it's way to to Fairbanks and I am too. I fly out of Seattle tomorrow and will arrive in Fairbanks about 5pm. On Friday, my buddy Jason and I will be heading out by canoe to Minto Flats moose hunting for the weekend. I know, a little different than riding through the redwoods but a man has to have meat for the winter. If I could get paid for every time I change my plans I would never have to work again.
I also want to say thanks to all of you down in Oregon and Washington. It was excellent to see you again and I had a wonderful time. Jill, I can't wait until you move up to Fairbanks, oops, I mean Anchorage! Congrats to all the newlyweds, I am sure your lives together will be wonderful.
I plan on sticking around Fairbanks so if any of you want to come visit me, I think it is my turn to play the host.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Okay, for real this time. I am biking out to the coast and then heading south.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Washinton and Oregon

Well it has been a while since I have written. I guess I was just having so much fun in Maine that I did not get a chance. Now I am on the move again and thought it was time for an update. I flew to Seattle on August 29 and was able to connect with my dear friend Rebecca and meet a couple ne wdear friends Elizabeth and Julie. I spent "weeks and weeks" actually 10 days with them and had a fantastic time. I was also fortunate to spend time with my old friend Kate. We spent the weekend at her folks beach house on Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound. Shark fishing, crabbing, kite flying cheese eating and much more. What an amazing family she has.
This past weekend we drove down to Kate and John's wedding. Another awesome time. The wedding was beautiful, smooth ana laid back. I got to catch up with many wonderful friends from all over.
Now I am in Corvallis, Or, spending time with Jill and thinking about biking again. It has been awhile since I have been on the trusted beast. As far as the plans for the near future all I can say for sure is that I am headed south along the coast and hope to stop in and see those of you that live along the way.
I hope all is well out there and I would love to here form you. Oh yeah, you no longer need to have an account to leave me a post, I think!

Monday, August 14, 2006


So I haven't written in a while because I am having so much fun in Camden. The people here are amazing and I feel like I fit right in. It's a wonderful feeling to come to a new town and meet so many wonderful friends so quickly. I have been spending my days out sailing, kyaking and hiking. Last week I met a few other cross country cylclists riding through, almost at the end of their journey. Of course I couldn't resist chatting with them and they ended up sticking around town for a couple days. On sad note, we parked our bikes over night by the water and woke up to almost all of our stuff gone! Luckily we locked our bikes. After awhile of talking with the police and reporters, and a swim, we found out the business association in Camden wanted to help us replace our gear. How Amazing. They took us to the store and we had a shopping spree. I cannot say thanks enough. What an wonderful community!!!!!! Thank You!
My pictures are all gone so there will not be any added until I can get a new camera. I really wish you could all have seen the ones from here, it is beautiful. Also, my poison ivy was quite unbelievable, but it is almost gone.
SO here is an update on the next part of the adventure. I am riding a chopper from maine to Oregon. When I say chopper I mean a bad-ass, pimped out American Ironhorse Texas Chopper. I figured I would try the crossing agian but with an egine this time. And what an engine it is. I will put some photos up as soon as I get a new camera. You guys will not believe this machine!!
I am getting some last minute details taken care of and plan to leave mid to late this week. My time here in Maine has been awesome and I am trying not to think about leaving. I am sure I will be back some day.
Hope all is well,

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Now Where?

Well I made it to Camden, Me on Aug. 1. My excited to make it here has been a bit hampered by a terrible case of poison ivy. I ended up going to the doctor the same day I arrived in town. The doc gave me some steriods to help out a bit but he assured me that they wouldn't help me bike any faster!
The north east has has been beautiful so far. I would like to thank all the Smiths and Kinners out on Grand Island for making my first few days here wonderful. You have an amazing family anf are lucky to get to see each other so often. I am fourtunate to have been able to have spent that time with you. And Judy, don't worry, the ferries are still safe! Donna, I hope your forehead is feeling better. Sorry about that.
As I said earlier I got a horrible case of poison ivy out on Grand Island, VT. It continued to get worse the next 4 days of biking. I made it to Camden, went to the hospital and now I am getting better, I hope. AT least I have drugs so it doesn't hurt so bad.
My first day in town I met someone who works on a schooner who said I might be able to go out sailing while I am in town. Hopefully tonight for the sunset cruise.
Now I am relaxing, catching up with my dear friend Keri and trying to figure out what is next. I have some interesting ideas and will let you know as soon as they are fleshed out a bit. I will also try to get some pictures up as soon as I am able.